Alastair Wilson

Alastair Wilson


I'm a philosopher at the University of Birmingham, working on metaphysics and the philosophy of science, with particular interests in the metaphysics of modality and dependence, Everettian quantum mechanics, explanation, chance and laws of nature. Before joining Birmingham, I took the B.Phil and D.Phil at Oxford, and spent 18 months as a post-doc at Monash. I'm currently Honorary Secretary of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science and a Managing Editor of the open-access journal Ergo. You can email me at .

A Framework for Metaphysical Explanation in Physics (FraMEPhys): ERC Project 2018-2022

The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism forthcoming with Oxford University Press, expected end 2019.

The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Physics forthcoming with Routledge, expected 2020.

Co-edited with Eleanor Knox (King's)

Chance and Temporal Asymmetry now available from Oxford University Press.

Contributors: David Z. Albert, Alexander Bird, Antony Eagle, Mathias Frisch, Alan Hájek, Toby Handfield, Carl Hoefer, Aidan Lyon, Christopher J. G. Meacham, L. A. Paul, Wolfgang Schwarz, David Wallace, Brad Weslake, Jessica Wilson, Alastair Wilson.

Reviews: Nina Emery, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews; Craig Callender, Australasian Journal of Philosophy; Patricia Palacios, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science.

Online Research

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"How Physics Might Undercut Fine-Tuning". Draft of 30/04/2018.

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"The Magic of Mirrors" (with Aaron Sloman).

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Online Talks

Audio - "Quidditism and Modal Methodology", Oxford, 2013.

Video - "Dependence Without Spacetime", Bonn, 2017.

Video - "Metaphysical Causation", Edinburgh, 2015.

Video - "Quantum Mechanics and the Metaphysics of Many Worlds", St Andrews, 2012.