Prof Alastair Wilson


I'm a philosopher at the University of Leeds, working on metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science and philosophy of physics. My doctoral thesis was on the metaphysics of Everettian (many-worlds) quantum mechanics; this line of thought culminated in my book The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism (OUP, 2020). More recently I have worked on explanation and dependence in physics and metaphysics as part of my ERC-funded project FraMEPhys on metaphysical explanation in physics which ran 2018-2023. I have also worked on laws of nature, chance, counterfactuals, and the epistemology of disagreement and of self-locating beliefs. I was President of the Society for the Metaphysics of Science in 2017-18, Honorary Secretary, Committee Member, Journal Liaison and Trustee of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science from 2018-23, and a member of the Climate Committee of the Philosophy of Science Association from 2021-23. I remain on the Council of the SMS. I am PhilPapers editor for the categories Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and Theories of Modality, an Associate Editor of The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, a member of the editorial board of Philosophy of Physics and a Managing Editor of Ergo. You can email me at .

A Framework for Metaphysical Explanation in Physics (FraMEPhys): ERC Project 2018-2023

The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism. OUP, 2020.

The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Physics. Routledge, 2022.

Co-edited with Eleanor Knox (King's)

Available in hardback, paperback and eBook: Routledge - Amazon - Google

Chapter preprints: list of chapters where the author has provided an online preprint.

Chance and Temporal Asymmetry. OUP, 2014.

Contributors: David Z. Albert, Alexander Bird, Antony Eagle, Mathias Frisch, Alan Hájek, Toby Handfield, Carl Hoefer, Aidan Lyon, Christopher J. G. Meacham, L. A. Paul, Wolfgang Schwarz, David Wallace, Brad Weslake, Jessica Wilson, Alastair Wilson.

Available: Oxford University Press - Amazon - Google

Reviews: Nina Emery, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews; Craig Callender, Australasian Journal of Philosophy; Patricia Palacios, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science.

Online Research

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Public Philosophy

Online Talks

"Ways and Whys", Inaugural Lecture, University of Birmingham, 2022.

"Substantive Discovery in Naturalistic Modal Metaphysics", Bristol, 2020.

"Quantum Metaphysics", Edinburgh, 2020.

"Plenitude and Recombination", Manchester, 2019.

"Counterpossible Reasoning in Physics", Birmingham, 2019.

"Emergent Contingency", Edinburgh, 2016.

"Emergent Spacetime: Grounded or Caused?", Chicago, 2016.

"Metaphysical Causation", Edinburgh, 2015.

"Quantum Mechanics and the Metaphysics of Many Worlds", St Andrews, 2012.